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About Us

Modern mistry officially launched in December 2020 and based in Ludhiana, Punjab. We are connecting you to the skilled professionals available near you. You can find right person for your dream home construction, renovation, home appliances repairing, wedding or parties, cleaning and many others which you require in your day to day life from your computer, phone or tablet.

Our mission

If you're wondering why you can buy any product online with a single click but can't hire on spot a plumber, electrician, carpenter, photographer, cleaning services or any other professional offering services you are interested in, then Modern mistry is the answer to your question. Our mission is to significantly improve everyone's access to professional services in their area, while supporting local professionals in growing their business. They are our frontline warriors and they are actually doing a tough job on ground level. But due to lack of technology and unorganized sector they are much underrated in our India unlike western countries.

Refer skilled professionals nearby you and be a part of our journey.

Let’s do it together……